Bella   5190   Dog
Available 05/15/2021     Location: Labrador Rescuers

Breeds: Chocolate Labrador Retriever (purebred)Altered: Yes
Color: Chocolate N/AAge: 6 years
Coat: N/ATail: Otter Tail
Size: LargeWeight: 70 lbs.
Eyes: N/AEars: N/A

In addition to the adoption fee of $500, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Bella was left at a shelter by her family. She had recently had puppies and was at the tail end of nursing/weaning them. Bella was spayed mid-June. As her hormones get back to normal, we're learning more about her true personality. No more puppies for this girl!!!

Bella knows her basic commands, is house broken, and is eager to please her humans. Bella is highly motivated to learn with treats & likes to "sit" at any time she thinks a treat is nearby! She take treats gently. Bella sits politely while her meals are being prepared and waits for an "OK" to begin eating and she's not a counter surfer. She sleeps well in her crate overnight, rides great in the car, and can be trusted at home alone for a few hours. Bella likes tug of war and fetch with her humans-she LOVES tennis balls and she doesn't mind dropping the ball for for it to be thrown again. She likes water and is working on her swimming skills. Bella is learning about the "zoomies" and when she gets them she runs laps around the yard with her favorite toy! Bella is overjoyed when one of her humans comes home & responds with wiggles, cries of joy, and insists on immediate cuddles. Her leash skills are improving and she's super motivated to do a good job. Bella looks forward to her walks and has come to anticipate a walk when her people head toward the leashes.

Bella will do best as an only pet and probably won't be a dog park or dog beach kind of girl.

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