Hershey   5176   Dog
Available 04/21/2021     Location: Labrador Rescuers

Breeds: Chocolate Labrador Retriever (mix)Altered: Yes
Color: Brown Brindle N/AAge: 8 years
Coat: N/ATail: N/A
Size: LargeWeight: 74 lbs.
Eyes: N/AEars: N/A
In addition to the adoption fee of $300, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Foster Update 6/12/21:

Hershey has settled in nicely with us and our three teens. He really loves people and greets anyone who visit with friendliness and enthusiasm. His tail becomes quite the "helicopter" as my husband fondly calls his wag. It's quite comical! Hershey knows his basic commands such as sit and stay and is steadily improving his leash manners. He loves his walks, but can pull on the leash, especially when seeing another dog. Normally we cross the street or turn in the opposite direction to avoid the distraction and use treats to divert his attention to us. Hershey is a moderate energy boy. We don't have a yard so we have him out on a couple 1/2 miles walks a day and a few shorter, potty walks. A yard for him to get his zoomies out would be ideal! He loves being with his people and follows you wherever you go. This is fine for older kids but his enthusiasm to be near you may cause him to unintentionally knock the younger ones down. Contrary to the initial assessment, he has no mobility issues whatsoever and navigates our three flights of stairs just fine. He does great in the car and loves to take rides with us. Although he was raised with another dog in the home, he appears to be selective with certain dogs so he will do best as the only one in the home. We have successfully taken him to breweries and coffee shops where there are other dogs on leash and as long as we maintain distance, he will get over his initial excitement and settle nicely. He has seen the neighbor's cat and seemed mildly interested, but we haven't tested it. Hershey does have some edema in his rear legs and feet but the vets have ruled any current or ongoing medical conditions and no treatment is needed. He sleeps like a champ on his bed in our room and loves to be on the couch beside us during the day. Hershey is a very sweet people dog and we are enjoying having him with us. He is going to make some lucky family a wonderful and loyal companion.

Meet Hershey. This wonderful boy is brand new to Labrador Rescuers. Here's what we know about him. His family needed to surrender him due to illness in the family and having to relocate. Hershey has lived with a cat (who it is said was his best buddy) and a 3 yro English Bulldog. Hershey is a little weak in his hind legs so he's not going to be a big hiker or long distance walker, but he would make a great family dog who wouldn't mind taking him for simple walks and letting him lounge around the house with his family. Hershey is brand new so keep checking back for updates on this hunk of love.

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