Simba - Medical Hold   5149   Dog
Available 02/22/2021     Location: Labrador Rescuers

Breeds: Labrador Retriever (mix)Altered: Yes
Color: White N/AAge: 1 year
Coat: N/ATail: N/A
Size: LargeWeight: 55 lbs.
Eyes: N/AEars: N/A
In addition to the adoption fee of $450, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

I’m on temporary medical hold, pending ACL surgery scheduled for 04/14/21.

Foster Update #3:

Simba is a very sweet dog. He enjoys being loved and hugged. He wants to please you and likes affection and treats for his rewards. He is good on leash. He will occasionally prance. He has not met a dog he has not liked. He has met a cocker spaniel and a boxer that wanted to bite him. His response was to whimper and offer a play bow. He does not read other dogs warning signs. He doesn’t understand they don’t want to be his friends. His Forever Family will have to help him with that to protect him.

He is medium energy boy. He is most playful after breakfast. We take a mile walk in morning and when we get back, he takes a long nap. He continues to share bones, toys and everything with his pack and humans. We have not seen any resource guarding. When we leave him alone, we crate him with a bone and some Kongs. He is fine and usually falls asleep after chewing on his bone. You will see in one of the pictures. Simba is really a good boy. We absolutely love and adore him. Simba will need a family that will continue his training and socialization. Help him see the warning signs of other dogs. He will reward you with laughter, love and loyalty. He really is a good boy.

Foster Update #2

Simba is healing well. He is still a little sore and stiff at times. He wants to play chase and chewy face with his fosters. He offers play bows and stalks them. We redirect him as he is still on limited activity restrictions. We took him on his first short walk. He did good. He was not bad on leash and was easily redirected. We did not come across any other people on our walk. Simba joined us 5 days ago. We are working on his potty training. He is getting so much better. Not there just yet. He is not a door dasher. We have not heard him bark yet. We have been training him to be off leash in the front yard. He stays close to his pack and doesn’t show interest in running off. He looks up to our Senior black Lab. He likes to kiss his face and ears. Simba is an over sniffer to other dogs. He is also mouthy to them and wants to play. He does have a gentle muzzle. Simba shares toy, bones, and his humans with his pack. His favorite spot is our ottoman. He likes his couch time with his humans. He sleeps through the night in his crate. He likes affection. He will follow you around the house. He likes to see you. He is not in face your face give me attention dog. He is more under foot next to you dog. He is very sweet. We are looking forward to getting his staples and sutures out on Friday when he is being neutered. He is good with his cones of shame on. We would just like him to have more freedom. Please be patient as Simba recovers. We don’t want to rush his recovery. His true personality will show through once he is fully recovered.

Foster Update

Simba settled into his foster home with out any issues. He is being fostered with three other dogs. He really wants to play with them. He is on restricted activity for now. Simba takes treats gently. He likes toys and bones. He learned how to use the stairs today. His coat is super soft. He has beautiful white eyelashes. Simba gives sweet kisses when you invite them. Please check back for updates once we get to know him better.


Poor Simba was found stray on the streets in a terrible state, he had been attacked and had multiple bite wounds all over his back end and stomach area.

He was taken to the local shelter and received treatment there, the shelter reached out to LR to see if we could help and of course we rushed right over and took him to our vets to receive immediate treatment.

Simba presents as a real nice boy in spite of being in obvious pain, he had tail wags for his rescuers and snuggled into them for the ride to the vets. He seems great in the car, and is a real nice good looking boy.

Keep checking for updates as we get to know more about him as he recovers.

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