Cash   5105   Dog
Available 11/14/2020     Location: Labrador Rescuers

Breeds: Chesapeake Bay Retriever (purebred)Altered: Yes
Color: Chocolate N/AAge: 8 years
Coat: LongTail: Plume Tail
Size: LargeWeight: 77 lbs.
Eyes: N/AEars: N/A
In addition to the adoption fee of $400, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Carter and Cash named after Johnny “CASH” and June “CARTER” joined LR. They grew up together around kids. They are not bonded and can be adopted separately.

Cash is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He has a longer coat and a plume tail. Grooming is something you will need to continue for him. He loves water but is not a pool swimmer. DOB 9/27/12 He has a soft coat and gives sweet kisses. He is treat motivated. You have to watch your fingers when giving him treats. He can be enthusiast about them. He played very well at the dog park. He met lots of dogs. He was reprimanded by a dog he was over sniffing. He received a growl and a face snap. Cash took the hint and moved away. He played fetch with a group of dogs. He had a blast running around with them. When walking in a pack on leash he prefers to be upfront and lead the way. He rides great in the car. He has a very sweet face. He is being fostered with other dogs.

Foster Update - 11/19/20

We've had Cash for a little over 4 days now and he has been a pure delight. He is a real sweetheart. This 8 year-old gentleman has proven to be a mellow and well-behaved member of our family. He is a happy guy; his tail is wagging all the time! He is living with four blonde labs and they all get along great. He's a Velcro dog and will make a great companion. He's a big lover of food but has not shown and any food aggressiveness. He is a little overweight so a little dieting is in order. He has not done any counter surfing. He has not shown any signs of Separation Anxiety and has demonstrated that he can be trusted when left alone. He has plenty of energy but is a medium-energy dog. He loves to go for walks and is very good when meeting other people and dogs. He knows some commands but could probably use a refresher course. He pulls on the leash somewhat and would definitely benefit from some leash training. He seems to be an independent sort so he would probably do well in a home with or without other dogs. I'm not sure he would bond with or become a playmate for another dog. He has not been tested with cats so that's an unknown at this time. He likes sleeping on the floor, couch, or your bed rather than his pet bed. He is well housebroken; he has had no accidents as of yet. He likes riding in the car and rides very well, usually just lying down on the seat waiting to arrive at our destination. Cash is OK with being crated. He does jump a little when super excited but he corrects easily. He's not a barker or a door dasher. Don't let Cash's age deter you; this guy is spry and full of life!

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