Romeo   5076   Dog
Available 09/11/2020     Location: Labrador Rescuers

Breeds: Labrador Retriever (mix)Altered: Yes
Color: Red N/AAge: 5 months
Coat: N/ATail: N/A
Size: LargeWeight: 18 lbs.
Eyes: N/AEars: N/A
In addition to the adoption fee of $400, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Puppy Romeo is very smart and an eager learner. One of our LR trainers has been working with him and he now walks well on the leash, is crate trained and eats his meals in his crate. He also enjoys getting bully sticks and kong toys in his crate so he can safely be left home alone for 3 to 4 hours at a time. Romeo has basic manners now too - touch, wait at the door, leave it and come.

Romeo needs continued socialization and training and only an experienced dog owner adopter. He is a great pup but because he had little socialization in the important formative period of his life he needs extra patience and time - someone who will commit to help him be his best and learn the world is a fun safe place. He needs a family that will use positive reinforcement training methods only in order to build up his confidence. Training needs to be fun! Using collar corrections will be too much for him since he is very sensitive.

Only children over 12. Because he can be fearful they need to be older to understand how not to scare him. He won't do well with young children running around and that want to hug and cuddle him - that will overwhelm him.

Romeo is good with dogs he's been properly introduced to otherwise he is reactive to dogs he doesn't know. That may mean doing an intro each time that same nonresident dog visits which may change once they get to know each other and get along well. Another resident dog in the home is ok - the meet between them prior to adoption is important to determine if they get along and it's a good fit.

He is sweet and cuddly with calm adults that want to snuggle with him. Romeo plays with his toys and even entertains himself by throwing them in the air and catching them. He is a typical puppy though and will chew stuff up and needs supervision and guidance to redirect him to what is appropriate to chew on.

He is not housetrained but with patience and consistency he should pick it up quickly.

Romeo had a rough start but has really come a long way since coming into LR and will make some family a wonderful pet.

If you think you are the right fit for Romeo please fill out the adoption application form on our website or talk to your LR rep.

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