Tyler   4930   Dog
Available 01/19/2020     Location: Labrador Rescuers

Breeds: Black Labrador Retriever (mix)Altered: Yes
Color: Black - Unknown N/AAge: 5 years
Coat: N/ATail: N/A
Size: LargeWeight: 71 lbs.
Eyes: N/AEars: N/A
In addition to the adoption fee of $350, I will require a training deposit of $150 which is fully refundable upon completion of a training course.

Tyler is a very sweet boy who found himself abandoned with a hip injury wandering the streets in the cold and rain. Fortunately he was rescued by some Good Samaritans who took him in while they found help for him. He had surgery and a rough road to recovery at the beginning but is now mended and ready for his forever family.

Tyler is a mellow, well behaved gentleman at home. He is moderate to low energy with a funny playful side and loves to follow his people around. He likes to sleep during the day right by wherever you are. He also enjoys sunbathing, snuggling on the couch, playing in the yard and chasing a ball. He will chase little critters (squirrels, lizards etc) that happen to pass by so no kitties for Tyler in the home.

He gets along great with our Golden Retriever, they do everything together and play very well with each other. Tyler will do well as your one and only or with another easy going dog in the home. He has shown to be trustworthy left alone and can have free run of the house. Tyler is always eager to go for a ride with you and rides very well in the car.

Tyler will be best in a calm, kid free home that doesn't have dog visitors. He loves walks but can react on the leash when other dogs approach him. We have been working with a trainer and he has made good progress but he still needs continued management on his walks so needs a dog savvy owner that will continue to reinforce good behavior with him and continue to set him up for success. If his new home has a yard where his people will interact and play with him, that can replace some of his walks and he won't need a walk every day - but he does need some form of activity and exercise daily, and as we do - playing with him outside is a great way. He is not a dog park kind of guy or venues with off leash dogs.

Tyler is the sweetest dog and has tons of love to give and will make some lucky family a very loyal and loving companion buddy.

Enjoy Tyler's video below! Just click on the blue writing or copy the link and paste to your browser.

Tyler's Highlight Video


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